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README of current keydump

This is the keyserver dump from generated at: Sat 23 Jan 2021 11:59:09 PM UTC

Tonight's archive size is approximately 13G, holding 6097205 keys in 291 files.

These files were created basically running: $ sks dump 21000 2021-01-23/ sks-dump
At your convenience, the full script is available at github:

You can install this dump into your own database using the following automated script:

Alternatively, on unix-like systems, you may manually follow the 3 steps below:

 1) Download a recently created online dump directory via the following command:

  $ cd /var/lib/sks
  $ rm -rf dump
  $ mkdir dump
  $ cd dump
  $ wget -c -r -p -e robots=off -N -l1 --cut-dirs=3 -nH

 2) After downloading the dump files, you should validate them all executing:

  $ cd /var/lib/sks/dump
  $ md5sum -c metadata-sks-dump.txt

 3) If zero warnings are reported, you can import all keys into a new database:

  $ cd /var/lib/sks
  $ rm -rf KDB PTree
  $ /usr/local/bin/

 and choose the option 2 (normalbuild).

If all goes smoothly during the installation, you'll end up with KDB and
PTree directories in /var/lib/sks, and you are ready to start the daemons.

The content of /var/lib/sks/dump directory can be removed, and additionally,
can be replaced by backups of daily dumps of your own database.

Also, if you would like to peer with this server, please send an email
to <> with your membership line.
CO2 Neutral Please send bug reports to <> only after reading the FAQ.